Getting ready for Europe!

There is only 1 week until I fly out to Europe to begin my season in preparation for the Commonwealth Games! I will be basing in Cologne, Germany for 3 weeks while I do a couple of races and then move into Team Camp for a week before heading into the Athletes Village in Glasgow. I am so excited to get over there to finalise my training and start racing! I thought I'd let you in on a few sessions I've been doing and a few my favourite New Balance things that I will be taking in my suitcase with me.

I've been focussing a lot on my strength & conditioning sessions in the last couple of weeks, building strength and muscle to ensure that I stay strong while I'm overseas and more importantly, am able to perform at my peak at the Commonwealth Games. In the gym my S&C coach is very particular on my technique and being snappy/explosive with every exercise. Along with Cleans/Squats/Deadlifts I also do a lot of foot contact drills, explosive jumps and medicine ball throws.




On the track I have been focussing on race specific sessions that are super tough!! One of my favourites is split 400ms:

2-3 x 200m, 60sec, 200m
(aim to at the pace of your 1st 200m of a 400m race each rep)



To take with me in my suitcase over to Europe I'll let you in on a few of my favourite NB things that help get me through my gruelling training regime. My absolute favourite pieces at the moment are from the New Balance by Heidi Klum range.

Image Image

I absolutely love the new colours and patterns in this range, and more importantly how comfortable and wearable it is. The Hottie Bra (see above right) is definitely one of the things I wear the most in my wardrobe. It is super supportive for running and has lightweight & breathable material, which helps in some of the longer sessions!! I also have the matching Run Shorts which have a loose fitted outer layer and a fitted under short. Really great for gym sessions too!




My new favourite New Balance shoes which will definitely be on the plane with me to Europe are the Fresh Foam 980s. I use these at the gym and for my track session warm up/longer reps. They are so comfortable and different to any other shoe I've worn. Without being constrictive they are still supportive and lightweight. Definitely give these a go!

If you want to have a look at any of these things head to 

Thanks to New Balance Australia for your continued support and belief in me. I will be representing #TeamNB overseas very proudly.


Enjoy! A. xx

Comm Games qualifier, PB and a Silver medal!

Hi Guys

WOW what a weekend....!

The Australian Championships & Commonwealth Games selection trials were on last weekend in Melbourne and I ran the 400m and 200m. Going into the Championships I was pretty confident I had a chance to take out the gold medal in the 400m, but due to inconsistent weather conditions down at Melbourne I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to get the Commonwealth Games qualifier too. What resulted was not what I was expecting but I am very happy nonetheless.

On the thursday night I ran the 400m heat and was able to run pretty conservatively and save up my energy for the final on the Saturday night. I ran a 54.31 and was drawn lane 6 for the final. Over the weekend we were pretty lucky it wasn't forecasted to rain but unfortunately that's where our luck finished! Cold wind swirled around the track all afternoon the day of the race and was not ideal conditions for fast times.

I felt really good going into the race, no real injury niggles and my training had been going really well. Caitlin Sargent, my main competitor from QLD was 2 lanes inside me, and a young girl from Melbourne, Morgan Mitchell, was on the lane inside me so I knew I would have to focus on my own race and not get distracted by what they were or weren't doing!
I did just that and ended up with a silver medal in a new PB of 52.35 seconds! Unfortunately I didn't judge the timing of the end of my race exactly right so I finished with a bit left in the tank, and I was only 0.13 seconds behind the winner Morgan. But I was extremely ecstatic with the result because my time was the exact Commonwealth Games 'B' qualifier!



The fact that I didn't win meant I couldn't be automatically selected in the team, but I will have to wait until June 1st for the final selection announcement.
I am pretty confident of an individual selection, and am certain that our relay team (which I will be a part of) has a good chance to make the final and maybe even medal in Glasgow!

The next day I had 2 rounds of the 200m to get through, and even though I was on a bit of cloud nine having run the qualifying standard, I had to re-focus and get back into racing mode.
I ran through the heats relatively easily and secured a place in the final. I ended up running a really good 200m and finishing strongly enough to take out the bronze medal in 23.88 seconds! The time wasn't quick because we had a strong headwind but I was extremely happy to finish the weekend with two medals.




If you want to watch my races, here is the links



Now I am going back into hard training for three months before heading overseas in June. With lots of things to work on and improve in my race I am very confident I will be able to run some fast times if selected to go to Glasgow and am very excited to get to work!

Thanks everyone for your messages of support over the last couple of months! It really has helped me push to be a better athlete and to compete for Australia this year at the Games.

Love A.x

Sydney and Melbourne Wrap Up


I've had a very busy last few weeks beginning with the 400m race at the Sydney Track Classic, a short trip to Melbourne for training and finishing with a 200m at the Melbourne Track Classic.

Sydney Track was a great meet - lots of entertainment and although torrential rain poured down minutes before the start of the event, the conditions weren't too bad! I knew the 400m was going to be a great event for the night with the news that Natasha Hastings (400m American Champ) was to be competing against us. Turns out, it was! 

I crossed the line 2nd behind Natasha in my second fastest time ever (52.70). Although this was slightly slower than what I was hoping for, I was really happy to finish second and ran a good race! You can watch the whole meet here (my race is at 2hrs 14mins and I'm in lane 3):


I had a chat to Natasha after the race and she asked if I wanted to jump in on a few of her training sessions to learn about her training and life as an athlete over in America. I decided that I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that and booked my flights down to Melbourne a few days later. I did one 400m specific session and one 200m preparation session with her and learnt a lot!! She is very strong and extremely fast, so I was definitely pushed more than I have been in a very long time. The other American athletes were also down in Melbourne and being surrounded by athletes of that class was very motivating. Training at the same time was LaShawn Merritt (400m Olympic & World Champion), Duane Solomon (800m Olympic 4th Place), and David Oliver (110m hurdles Olympic/World Champion) and they were very generous in giving me tips on my running technique, block starts and racing/training plans. All in all, a very worthwhile experience!!

That weekend I competed in the IAAF Melbourne World Challenge meet in the 200m again against Natasha Hastings and some of Australia's best sprinters. After a demanding week of training I wasn't feeling 100% in my body unfortunately but I knew that was going to happen after some tough sessions so I just tried to run as fast as I could under the circumstances. I ended up in 4th (3rd Australian) and had a lot of fun! The times weren't super fast because of fairly cold and windy conditions but it was a solid race.



You can watch the whole meet and my race here: (my race is at 1hr 53mins and I am in lane 6)


Next up! the 2014 Australian Athletic Championships and Commonwealth Games selection Trials in Melbourne on April 3rd-6th. I am competing in the 400m and 200m. Can't wait!

I am extremely excited to be wearing the 2014 New Balance racing kit this season which is very bright and eye catching. Love the fresh colours and as always, the super comfy and FAST designs. Image

Also wanted to say thanks to Sydney University Sport and Fitness for their ongoing support and care! I wouldn't be able to compete at any of these meets without their help!

Love A.x

2014 Season begins!!


First of all, a belated Happy New Year!

Down to business... Well the 2014 Athletics season has officially begun!

My campaign to qualify for the Commonwealth Games started off great with a PB in the 800m at the end of 2013. I ran at an inter club meet in Sydney against the clock and ran a 2:05.84, which was almost a second off my old personal best time! This was a great indicator of my fitness and strength, proving that all of the hard sessions during winter were paying off. After I ran this race there was speculation as to whether I would focus on qualifying for the 200m, 400m or 800m for the Commonwealth Games as I am relatively close to all three - I think it's safe to say I am sticking to the 400m this season!!

My first 400m race was two weeks ago at the Club Championships in Sydney, it was definitely a lung opener that's for sure! I ran a time of 53.32 which was great considering it was the first race of the season and I was out on my own. This time is less than a second away from the Comm Games qualifying time and there is plenty of things I need to fix up in my race plan which should take a big chunk out of the time too.

Last weekend, I ran my second 400m at the Hunter Track Classic in Newcastle. Hunter is such a great meet with lots of music, fancy cars and great competition, so I always enjoy racing there! I entered the track on top of a convertible Mercedes Benz!



I was happy with the way I actually set up my race, however unfortunately the time did not reflect the effort I was putting in just yet! I ended up just being overtaken in the last 20m by Caitlin Sargent. It was a great race for both of us to get out of the system I think and good to have someone so close to me to push those fast times out.

I am now focussing on the 200m for a couple of weeks to get my speed up and then will return to the 400m for the last few races of the season before potentially heading to the Bahamas for the World Relay Championships in May!

My next two races are:

- February 1st, Club Championships 200m

- February 8th and 9th, ACT State Championships 200m

Then after that I continue with the 400m at:

-March 15th, Sydney Track Classic 400m

-March 29th, Queensland Track Classic 400m

-April 3-6th, Australian Athletic Championships and Commonwealth Games Selection Trial (Melbourne) 400m & 200m

I am ready to jump into my next couple of weeks of training and am definitely very confident for my next races!


Thanks for all of the support and well wishes!

A. xx

Star Stadium Goal!

Hello! Very exciting news to announce Star Stadium goal target was reached! I am so grateful and humbled by the amazing support I have received with this venture. The funds I managed to raise will go a long way in allowing me to continue training full time toward the Commonwealth Games trials in April next year. The support I have received has motivated me to train as hard as possible so that I can represent Australia for all of my Star Stadium sponsors and hopefully do you all proud.

On the last day of the fundraising I promised 10 burpees for every person who donated that day...I ended up having to do 120 burpees! I have a short clip of the challenge on my instagram account here:

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 3.14.34 pm

I want to mention everyone who sponsored me to say thank you! Here are my Star Sponsors who are now officially part of Team Rubie!! Ally Day Wanda Major Sali and Julie Stevanja Clare Hozack Dean Ashford Louisa Scott Gai and Mark Forrest Allegra Day and George Downing Ben Rubie Danni Hudson Natalie Wendon Rhonda Dew Sergio Correa John Rubie Susan Reading Thomas Martin Harrison Colreavy Esther Muller Ali Rubie Andrew Heil Alanna Raymond Anthony Mitchell Stephanie Panaretos Jack Colreavy Ben Liddy

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! So very grateful for your generosity. The much needed funds will be put towards travel expenses to and from training/travel, weekly physiotherapy treatment/injury prevention, coaching and pilates/gym fees. All of these daily and weekly expenses combined significantly increase my chances come April for the Commonwealth Games trials. A. x

Star Stadium Goal

Hello everybody!

So there is 1 week left of my Star Stadium 'crowd funding' goal, and I need your help to get me to the Commonwealth Games.

There are a number of gifts you will receive as a massive thank you for your sponsorship- including New Balance t-shirts, training sessions with me and shout outs on my social media pages!

Please click on this link --> Star Stadium Goal <-- to help an athlete out.
A big thank you to everyone who has already supported me, I appreciate it so much! You will receive your gifts when the week is up!


I've been doing some really tough training sessions in all kinds of weather over the last couple of weeks... I'll give you an example of one of my favourite sessions that I've done!

Full Warm Up (Jog, stretch, technical drills, run throughs and 80% 400m)

8 x 200m (Rest = 2mins between each rep. Pace = 85/90% or sub 26 seconds)

2 x 2 x 60m turn-arounds (Rest = time it takes to turn around. Pace = 95%)

Warm down (Jog 3 laps and stretches)

Was definitely challenging but perfect for 400m training.

If anyone takes up the challenge - let me know how you go below in the comments section!


Thanks again,

A. xx

Help me to get to the Commonwealth Games!

Click here to: Help me to get to the Commonwealth Games!

As the Commonwealth Games selection trials creep closer and closer, I am asking for your help! Star Stadium is a new crowd funding site that is helping athletes achieve their goals. My goal is to qualify and gain selection in the Australian team for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

Juggling being a full time athlete and a full time student leaves little time for part time work. To qualify for the team I am needing to travel domestically and internationally to compete against the best, and as you can imagine - the expenses add up very quickly!!

Please jon my team and help me compete for Australia!

Anneliese x

To stretch or not to stretch?

Hi guys! So the last couple of weeks I've had quite a few people ask whether they should be stretching before or after workouts, or not at all! There is so much talk of what not to do pre-run these days and confusion about what is best for a running warm up. So I thought I'd just write a quick blog on what I personally do, and give you a few threads of thought so you can make your own minds up!


A typical running warm up for me looks a little something like this...

Get Blood Pumping and Elevate Core Temp. I do this by jogging for 5-10 minutes, (can also ride a stationary bike/cross-trainer etc if you're in a gym)

Getting Out Stiffness. Not a very technical term I know - but I do this by going through a few dynamic stretches...particularly in my key stiff sites which are hips/hamstrings/back! I don't usually hold stretches very long, and like to keep the muscles moving while stretching.

Getting Technique Right! This is a few technical drills that help me hold my technique right during my training session. Things like high knee walks, glute activations, and some quick/snappy drills keep my muscles warm and help train my technique. Open the Lungs. The last couple of things are to open my lungs and really get my legs moving. I do 2-3 run throughs of 80-100m at about 80-90%, then I complete one lap of the track of 50m fast, 50m jog etc.

This is my training and race warm up, I find it prepares me mentally and physically for tough sessions well. By the time I've completed the whole process there is no stiffness or soreness in my legs and I am ready to go!

Last important thing to note is to do what you feel works for you!! Everybody is different and every body is different - so just because something works for me doesn't mean that it is going to work for you too!

Happy training!

A. xx

Summer Workout Style


What better way to get ready for sumer than preparing your workout wardrobe!

I've been wearing the New Balance 890 v.3 in rainbow colours - the BEST shoes for sprinting, jogging and just all day wear. 

On top I've got the NBx Minimus Short Sleeve Tee in Black (great for long runs in the heat, keeps you cool and protected from the sun!)

I've also been loving the NBx Minimus Split Short, they have some crazy colours and prints in stores at the moment


My training has been going great so far this winter. I'm really looking forward to racing next season!! 

Next week I'll have some tips for ways you can warm up best for running! Stay tuned. I'll leave you with a little motivation for this week.. Image

A. xx



National Champs 2013... Living & Learning!


Hello all, Over the weekend I competed at the Australian Athletics Championships in the 400m and the 200m. I went into the championships ranked number 1 in Australia in the 400m, having run PB's in almost every race I had competed in, and was pretty confident that I was in shape to possibly take out the gold in both. Even though I came down with a cold the weekend before and was still not 100%, I felt ready to race and in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately the weekend did not pan out the way I had hoped!

The 400m was a battle between Caitlin Sargent (QLD) and myself, but she just got the better of me on the line; winning in a time of 52.68, and I finished second in 52.80. I was pretty disappointed as that meant I could not gain automatic selection for the World Champs team, however it has gained me selection for the World University Games nonetheless. A link to the race is here:



After the 400m I had to pick myself up quickly and prepare for what the next day held; the 200m rounds. I cruised through the heat in 23.87 and felt so ready to redeem myself in the 200m final. There was good competition in Toea Wisil (PNG) and a speedy junior Monica Brennan (QLD). Unfortunately, I was a little too fired up and false started in the final. This meant I was automatically disqualified. Monica Brennan went on to win the gold in a personal best time of 23.42  I was and still am very upset about both races, but have learnt a lot of lessons from this weekend!

My coach and I are going back to the drawing board and I will begin an intense winter training block to get me stronger and faster for whatever comes my way next time. It is very disappointing having been focussed on this goal for so long and I've work so hard to try and achieve it, but sometimes things don't turn out how you had hoped. I will live and learn and definitely be a stronger person and athlete because of experiences like this. A big thank you to everyone who has sent me amazing messages of support, they all encourage me to work that extra bit harder for next time! Also a big thanks to New Balance and Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness who have both supported me for the last few years, I'm a very proud Team NB and SUAC member.

Thanks, A. xx


(My thoughts and prayers are with those affected in the Boston Marathon. Such a horrific tragedy, and really puts personal challenges into perspective. I'm sure the running community will hold strong and support those who are really in need at this time.)