Getting ready for Europe!

There is only 1 week until I fly out to Europe to begin my season in preparation for the Commonwealth Games! I will be basing in Cologne, Germany for 3 weeks while I do a couple of races and then move into Team Camp for a week before heading into the Athletes Village in Glasgow. I am so excited to get over there to finalise my training and start racing! I thought I'd let you in on a few sessions I've been doing and a few my favourite New Balance things that I will be taking in my suitcase with me.

I've been focussing a lot on my strength & conditioning sessions in the last couple of weeks, building strength and muscle to ensure that I stay strong while I'm overseas and more importantly, am able to perform at my peak at the Commonwealth Games. In the gym my S&C coach is very particular on my technique and being snappy/explosive with every exercise. Along with Cleans/Squats/Deadlifts I also do a lot of foot contact drills, explosive jumps and medicine ball throws.




On the track I have been focussing on race specific sessions that are super tough!! One of my favourites is split 400ms:

2-3 x 200m, 60sec, 200m
(aim to at the pace of your 1st 200m of a 400m race each rep)



To take with me in my suitcase over to Europe I'll let you in on a few of my favourite NB things that help get me through my gruelling training regime. My absolute favourite pieces at the moment are from the New Balance by Heidi Klum range.

Image Image

I absolutely love the new colours and patterns in this range, and more importantly how comfortable and wearable it is. The Hottie Bra (see above right) is definitely one of the things I wear the most in my wardrobe. It is super supportive for running and has lightweight & breathable material, which helps in some of the longer sessions!! I also have the matching Run Shorts which have a loose fitted outer layer and a fitted under short. Really great for gym sessions too!




My new favourite New Balance shoes which will definitely be on the plane with me to Europe are the Fresh Foam 980s. I use these at the gym and for my track session warm up/longer reps. They are so comfortable and different to any other shoe I've worn. Without being constrictive they are still supportive and lightweight. Definitely give these a go!

If you want to have a look at any of these things head to 

Thanks to New Balance Australia for your continued support and belief in me. I will be representing #TeamNB overseas very proudly.


Enjoy! A. xx

Star Stadium Goal Complete!


Very exciting news to Star Stadium goal target was reached! I am so grateful and humbled by the amazing support I have received with this venture. The funds I managed to raise will go a long way in allowing me to continue training full time toward the Commonwealth Games trials in April next year. 
The support I have received has motivated me to train as hard as possible so that I can represent Australia for all of my Star Stadium sponsors and hopefully do you all proud.

On the last day of the fundraising I promised 10 burpees for every person who donated that day...I ended up having to do 120 burpees! There's a short clip of it on my instragram account here: 


I want to mention everyone who sponsored me to say thank you! Here are my Star Sponsors who are now officially part of Team Rubie!!
Ally Day
Wanda Major
Sali and Julie Stevanja
Clare Hozack
Dean Ashford
Louisa Scott
Tia O'Caroll
Gai and Mark Forrest
Allegra Day and George Downing
Ben Rubie
Danni Hudson
Natalie Wendon
Rhonda Dew
Sergio Correa
John Rubie
Susan Reading
Thomas Martin
Harrison Colreavy
Esther Muller
Ali Rubie
Andrew Heil
Alanna Raymond
Anthony Mitchell
Stephanie Panaretos
Jack Colreavy
Ben Liddy

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! So very grateful for your generosity. The much needed funds will be put to use for travel expenses to and from training/races, physiotherapy/injury prevention, coaching and pilates. All of this greatly impacts the quality of my training and what the result will be come April for the Commonwealth Games trials!

A. x

Stylerunner Blog-azine & State Relays

Hey guys!

I was recently Q & A'd by an amazing online sportswear retailer called Stylerunner about my training and journey towards next years Commonwealth Games - it also details how you can show your support to help me get there! 

Have a read and let me know what you think!

Only 2 more days left on my StarStadium goal too.
Please help me reach the final target - I'm so close!!

In other news, over the weekend my Sydney Uni team mates and I competed in the NSW State Relays - and we brought the rain (literally!) Image

Almost completing a clean sweep of every open's race, it was a very successful weekend.
I competed in the 4x200m, Sprint Medlay, and the 4x400m events, we won all three and broke a few State and National records on the way too.

I was very pleased with my performances and we got a few rough times for my leg in each is safe to say I am on track to attain that qualifying standard in a few months!

In the gym this morning I also recorded a few PB's in my lifts (Hang clean = 62.5kg). Definitely getting stronger and faster for next season!Image

Thanks for your continual support!

A. xx



Star Stadium Goal

Hello everybody!

So there is 1 week left of my Star Stadium 'crowd funding' goal, and I need your help to get me to the Commonwealth Games.

There are a number of gifts you will receive as a massive thank you for your sponsorship- including New Balance t-shirts, training sessions with me and shout outs on my social media pages!

Please click on this link --> Star Stadium Goal <-- to help an athlete out.
A big thank you to everyone who has already supported me, I appreciate it so much! You will receive your gifts when the week is up!


I've been doing some really tough training sessions in all kinds of weather over the last couple of weeks... I'll give you an example of one of my favourite sessions that I've done!

Full Warm Up (Jog, stretch, technical drills, run throughs and 80% 400m)

8 x 200m (Rest = 2mins between each rep. Pace = 85/90% or sub 26 seconds)

2 x 2 x 60m turn-arounds (Rest = time it takes to turn around. Pace = 95%)

Warm down (Jog 3 laps and stretches)

Was definitely challenging but perfect for 400m training.

If anyone takes up the challenge - let me know how you go below in the comments section!


Thanks again,

A. xx

Quick Core Workout

Happy Monday!

Today I thought I'd give you a core/abs workout that is super effective for runners.

It is great for core strength and stability which is a must if you want to have a long career with as little injuries as possible!

1. 60-90 sec plank: Hold your body in a straight "plank" like position on your elbows and toes - try not to arch your back and strain your neck, and remember to take deep breathes! If you want to advance this, you can raise the opposite arm and leg slightly (but as long as you maintain a strong position through your hips/back)


2. 20-30 x Exercise Ball Pikes: See below Picture. Hold your upper body strong with your hands and roll the Fit Ball back and forward on your toes by raising your hips towards the roof and bringing them back down to a plank position.


3. 20 Leg Lowers (free weight or with a dumbbell) Flatten your back against the ground and lower your legs and arms down the ground as far as you can without arching your back. You can do this single leg/bent knees to begin with and work your way to double/straight legs with added weight in your hands. Image

4. 30-60sec Side Plank (with hip adduction) With one elbow, hold your torso in a straight line and lift your hip off the ground and as high as you can go. Maintain strong core without bending at the hips. If you want to advance this and add in a bit of work for your glutes - keeping your legs as straight as possible, raise your top leg to 45 degrees and lower back down.


5. 50 Medicine Ball Russian Twists Holding your legs up in the air in front of you and keeping strong through your core, rotate your torso with the medicine ball at chest height. Don't let the ball touch the ground just hover it above and then change sides. If you want to advance this one, try with straight legs in front of you (as long as it doesn't strain your back!) Image

Repeat this whole circuit 2-3 times, a couple of times a week and you'll feel a big difference in no time! Make sure you are doing it with the proper technique before you advance and remember to keep breathing throughout each exercise - makes it harder for your abs and keeps you alive ;)

Let me know how you find it! And until next time...


And start doing today!!

A. xx

To stretch or not to stretch?

Hi guys! So the last couple of weeks I've had quite a few people ask whether they should be stretching before or after workouts, or not at all! There is so much talk of what not to do pre-run these days and confusion about what is best for a running warm up. So I thought I'd just write a quick blog on what I personally do, and give you a few threads of thought so you can make your own minds up!


A typical running warm up for me looks a little something like this...

Get Blood Pumping and Elevate Core Temp. I do this by jogging for 5-10 minutes, (can also ride a stationary bike/cross-trainer etc if you're in a gym)

Getting Out Stiffness. Not a very technical term I know - but I do this by going through a few dynamic stretches...particularly in my key stiff sites which are hips/hamstrings/back! I don't usually hold stretches very long, and like to keep the muscles moving while stretching.

Getting Technique Right! This is a few technical drills that help me hold my technique right during my training session. Things like high knee walks, glute activations, and some quick/snappy drills keep my muscles warm and help train my technique. Open the Lungs. The last couple of things are to open my lungs and really get my legs moving. I do 2-3 run throughs of 80-100m at about 80-90%, then I complete one lap of the track of 50m fast, 50m jog etc.

This is my training and race warm up, I find it prepares me mentally and physically for tough sessions well. By the time I've completed the whole process there is no stiffness or soreness in my legs and I am ready to go!

Last important thing to note is to do what you feel works for you!! Everybody is different and every body is different - so just because something works for me doesn't mean that it is going to work for you too!

Happy training!

A. xx