Florida Team Camp

Hello all! I have arrived in Florida for our Australian Team Camp and am absolutely soaking up the heat! It's about 35 degrees and 90% humidity so I am glad I got here a few days early to acclimatise.

We are staying in this huge facility called the IMG Academy in a town called Bradenton, Florida. It's a sports academy that has facilities for every sport you can imagine from golf, tennis, bmx riding, rugby, athletics... everything! We are staying in 2 bedroom apartments about a 5min walk from the main academy. I arrived here 3 days early so I could have a bit longer to recover from the big flight from Aus, but the rest of the team arrive today and tomorrow. Very excited to get my uniform tomorrow and have our first team meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 3.48.46 pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 3.48.46 pm

Unfortunately we miss the opening ceremony as we will still be in Florida. But from here, I leave for Rio on the 7th August and will arrive in the village on the 8th. Just 5 days before D-Day!

For those of you wanting info on times/timezones. Here's a breakdown of all my events, dates, and times:

Saturday August 13th - 400m Heat Rio time: 11am Sydney time: midnight

Sunday August 14th - 400m Semi-Final Rio time: 8.35pm Sydney time: 9.35am (Monday 15th)

Monday 15th - 400m Final Rio time: 10.45pm Sydney time: 11.45am (Tuesday 16th)

Friday 19th - 4x400m Heat Rio time: 8.40pm Sydney time: 9.40am (Saturday 20th)

Saturday 20th - 4x400m Final Rio time: 10pm Sydney time: 11am (Sunday 21st)

Will post some pics of the uniform when we get the bags tomorrow.