One Week Until Take Off

Hello all! So there's 7 days until I fly out to the Australian team camp in Florida! I've been in a very hard training block the last month but I am feeling very strong and fast and ready to go. I'm flying into Florida because the team are all meeting up in a place called the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida to acclimatise to the hot conditions and time zone (it is only a 1hr time difference to Rio). I will be there for 11 days before flying overnight into Rio on the 7th August. Then I have 5 days settling into the village before it's go time!!

Last weekend I went to the Gold Coast for some warm weather training and a few races. I ran a 400m against all the relay girls (2nd 52.40s) and a 200m (1st 23.8s), mix all this in with a few training sessions and time spent at the beach... I left a very happy girl! Amazing what a bit of sunshine and fast running can do.

I've also been busy with a few media commitments since coming home from Europe which is very exciting... I've had a few newspaper articles (see below), and a feature on Channel 9's Wide World of Sports show. I've filmed a segment with FoxSports that will be played in the lead up to the games too. I'm also part of an Optus campaign that has been very popular on social media and is currently showing in the pre-movie advertisements at the cinemas I've been told!

Optus Ad: [youtube]

Articles on my Road to Rio: Runners Tribe:


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Radio Interviews: RSN:

ABC Grandstand:

TV Interviews: Wide World of Sports:

Crowd-Funding Opportunities: The Australian Sports Foundation has set up a crowd-funding fundraising page to help friends, family, supporters & businesses make a tax-deductible donation to help me fund my trip to Rio. See my page here:

So between training full-time, a bit of travel and these media opportunities I've been flat chat! I'm looking forward to getting into our team camp so I can focus on training and recovery in the final hours.

And finally, I had a fun weekend with my family as they all gathered to support me before I left for Rio. I had a surprise cheer squad at a big training session, and we had a big Brazilian brunch at home to say goodbye too!


I want thank everybody who is part of Team Rubie, near or far, and for all the support I've had from you (especially in the last few weeks) as I prepare for the Olympics!! Couldn't do it without you and I can't wait to represent you in Rio!

A. xx