Europe Training Camp

Hello all! 50 days to go! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks since the selection trials and I am currently writing this blog from Cologne, Germany. I've been in a hard block of training for 6 weeks now with lots of track sessions, gym and hill sessions which I feel have made me a lot stronger. So my coach and I decided to come over to Europe for a summer training/racing camp to see where I am at and to break up the long training block in the increasingly cold winter weather.

I have been here for one week now and am settled into a nice little house in a very trendy cafe town called Ehrenfeld. We are really close to the track/gym/physios/train stations so getting around is quite quick and simple! I came to Cologne in 2014 before the Commonwealth Games too and really enjoyed the professional environment the Aussies have set up here. I am doing a few races while in Europe too, my first is this weekend in Bydgoszcz, Poland. I am racing a 400m in the 'European Athletics Festival Cup' on Sunday arvo (early Monday morning AEST). Then I am hoping to run a 400m or 200m in either Nancy, France or Luzerne, Switzerland respectively (depending on which race I can get into), and finally a 400m in the IAAF World Challenge in Madrid, Spain.

I'm back home for a month after this Europe training camp to finalise my preparations before moving into the team camp in Florida at the end of July.

It's all very exciting and happening quite quickly but I want to say thank you SO much to every single person who has congratulated me and supported me over the last few months. It's so humbling and really makes this whole experience even more special by having your support. It means a great deal to me and my family to know that 'Team Rubie' spreads far and wide around the world!


Will keep you updated on my races and how training is progressing in the coming weeks. A.x