2015 Wrap Up

Hi guys! Sorry for the radio silence since World Champs - I've been extremely busy finishing off uni for the year and getting my Olympic preparations started!

The last 2 months I've been back and forth between Sydney and Melbourne. My coach, Peter Fortune, is based in Melbourne so I try and get down here as much as possible to train with the group. I absolutely love it down here, the facilities are great and I've been able to get a really solid block of training in since finishing uni.

The last 12 months have been amazing and I've learnt a lot!! So I thought it would be fun to wrap up what's happened this year...

December 2014: The beginning of the season started with a bit of a hurdle, as I was in a boot & crutches for a month with a suspected stress fracture in my foot. I had just changed to my new coach and was very eager to begin my training (maybe too eager!!) Fortunately it ended up not being a stress fracture so I was able to build back into training to start racing at the end of Jan.

January 2015: With the new coach came some new training sessions! I became fitter than I'd ever been before and built a new strength base. This newfound fitness lead me to racing a few 800m's running a PB of 2:03.93.


February 2015: Spent a lot of time in Melbourne as I gradually added in some 400m specific training. Raced over the distance a few times but I was focussing mainly on my training at this point.


March-April 2015: I travelled to Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane racing over 400m and this resulted in me winning my first ever National Title over the 400m in 52.77! I was very excited and happy with my progress so far. Also, University Semester 1 started!

May 2015: I travelled to Philedelphia in the US for a relay race called the Penn Relays. Was an awesome experience but mainly we used this as a warm up for the World Relay Championships which were held in the Bahamas! The Aus 4x400m team competed at the World Relays and we performed extremely well, managing to qualify the team for the Rio Olympics - yay!

June-July 2015: I spent these months training really hard at home in Sydney while finishing my studies for the semester. I knew I'd be part of the relay team that was travelling to Beijing in August for the World Championships so I put in A LOT of hard work and tough sessions in the winter weather so I could compete well over there. I raced against the other relay team members in the Sunshine Coast, QLD and surprised myself with a PB of 52.25 in the 400m.


August 2015: Surprise Surprise! My new PB qualified me for the individual 400m at the World Championships. As I landed in Japan, I got an email informing me I would be competing in 2 weeks time against the best in the world. One more preparation race, and one more PB of 52.20 meant I was in tip top shape.


World Championships, Beijing: This is the highlight of my career so far. I ran a huge PB in the heat of 51.69, to qualify for the semi-finals AND a qualifier for the Olympics!! I competed against some amazing athletes (Allyson Felix World Champ) and felt like I held my own. Even though I hadn't expected to run, I didn't feel under prepared and I made sure I took advantage of the great competition, placing 22nd overall and running my second fastest time of 52.04. I then ran with the relay team and we ran the fastest time in 13years by an Aussie team of 3:28.6! Wohoo!

September-December 2015: Back to life, back to reality! Coming back home and getting back into Uni work was hard but I'm glad I was able to complete my studies for the year well. I've been to Melbourne (as mentioned above) and been able to train really well here in preparation for next year! Also, some exciting news... I'm very happy to announce I've signed with Puma. I absolutely love the brand, the gear, and what they are all about. I know they will be with me every step of the way towards Rio, and beyond.

What's Next? I will start racing again in January for the Aussie domestic season, I'm planning to run a few 800m's initially just to see where I'm at and then move into the 400m's again. The Olympic trials are in April, and then I will most likely be in Melbourne or overseas preparing for Rio which starts in August!

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you have a spectacular 2016! Thanks for being part of my journey!

A. xx