Commonwealth Games Village Life

Hi guys!  

I have safely arrived into the Commonwealth Games athlete village and am slowly adjusting to the village lifestyle. It’s a bit crazy here with so many countries and so many different sports but it has finally sunk in that I am at the Commonwealth Games and competition is almost upon us! Won’t be long until I am standing in the stadium about to start running…

The village is laid out like a small suburb with each country/sport housed across a few three-story town houses, each hold up to 20 people. It’s a little cramped but so far it has been quite enjoyable being able to hang out with all the other athletes. The Australian athletics team is the largest team with 100 athletes competing, so we have dominated the Australian quarters a bit!

The dining hall is a crazy place and I try to avoid it in between meals as much as I can! It is a huge warehouse style room filled with food stalls with every type of food. It is 24/7 and the quality of the food is amazing considering how many athletes they are feeding throughout the day. But it gets packed and very overwhelming, I’ve found the best way to cope is to have a meal plan already in my mind before entering the dining hall and sticking to it!

The village has really catered for every need with a hairdresser, nail salon, cafes, gaming rooms, dieticians, outdoor bbq’s, smoothie bars, mobile phone stores, optometrist, dentist and more! Tonight is the Opening Ceremony and I’ll be heading in with the rest of the Aussies to celebrate the start of the games. It sounds like it’s going to be a great night! The weather has been unusually amazing… I fear the sun has come out a week too early but pray it holds for another week!!


Now down to business… My race times are as follows: 400m Round 1: Sunday 27th 4:55pm (Monday 28th 1:55am AEST) 400m Semi-Final: Monday 28th 8:15pm (Tuesday 29th 5:15am AEST) 400m Final: Tuesday 29th 8:30pm (Wednesday 30th 5:30am AEST)

4x400m Round 1: Friday 1st August 6:35pm (Saturday 2nd 3:35am AEST) 4x400m Final: Saturday 2nd August 7:50pm (Sunday 3rd 4:50am AEST)

I am really excited to start racing, very nervous though at the same time. I don’t know who I’m up against at this stage but am trying to be positive and practice my race plan in my head to be as prepared as possible! The stadium looks amazing and apparently it is a fast track so hopefully the weather holds up and it can be a quick Games!

I just want to thank everyone for your incredible messages of love and support. I appreciate and read every one of them and it has made this experience so special! I am very proud to be here and can't wait to represent you all on the track.

My local newspaper The Manly Daily will be publishing some updates on Village Life and how I'm travelling so stay tuned...

A. xx