Life in Cologne

Hi guys!

I made it to Europe safely and have settled into Cologne very well. The weather has been slightly off the last few days with a bit of rain, however the sun is coming out now for the rest of the week which is great news!

I am staying with Ella Nelson (AUS 200m runner) in a little apartment right between the track and the city. Perfect location, very well kept and we love it! For training, all the Aussies have converged on the University of Cologne. It has 3 outdoor tracks, 1 indoor track, 1 pool, 2 gyms, and a very cheap cafeteria with great food. 

So far I have done a couple of track sessions to get the plane journey out of my legs and help adjust to the time zone. I'm feeling pretty good and getting ready to race for the first time this weekend most likely. I am waiting to hear back from a few races so I don't know exactly where or when but it's looking like it'll be between the 5th and the 8th of July.

I will keep you posted on where/when my first race will be. 

Until then,

Auf wiederzehn! :)