Star Stadium Goal Complete!


Very exciting news to Star Stadium goal target was reached! I am so grateful and humbled by the amazing support I have received with this venture. The funds I managed to raise will go a long way in allowing me to continue training full time toward the Commonwealth Games trials in April next year. 
The support I have received has motivated me to train as hard as possible so that I can represent Australia for all of my Star Stadium sponsors and hopefully do you all proud.

On the last day of the fundraising I promised 10 burpees for every person who donated that day...I ended up having to do 120 burpees! There's a short clip of it on my instragram account here: 


I want to mention everyone who sponsored me to say thank you! Here are my Star Sponsors who are now officially part of Team Rubie!!
Ally Day
Wanda Major
Sali and Julie Stevanja
Clare Hozack
Dean Ashford
Louisa Scott
Tia O'Caroll
Gai and Mark Forrest
Allegra Day and George Downing
Ben Rubie
Danni Hudson
Natalie Wendon
Rhonda Dew
Sergio Correa
John Rubie
Susan Reading
Thomas Martin
Harrison Colreavy
Esther Muller
Ali Rubie
Andrew Heil
Alanna Raymond
Anthony Mitchell
Stephanie Panaretos
Jack Colreavy
Ben Liddy

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! So very grateful for your generosity. The much needed funds will be put to use for travel expenses to and from training/races, physiotherapy/injury prevention, coaching and pilates. All of this greatly impacts the quality of my training and what the result will be come April for the Commonwealth Games trials!

A. x