Championships to Canberra

Hello everyone! Sorry to have left my blog empty for a while. It was all a bit hectic with the end of the Championships, then the long flights home and settling back in.

World Champs was such an inspirational experience, being able to witness first hand things like Sally Pearson winning gold in the 100m hurdles, and Usain Bolt infamously false starting in the 100m. It really did open my eyes to a whole new world of Athletics.

The 4x400m relay that I ran in, was also such a great experience, from warming up as a team to sitting in the call room with all the other countries. We actually drew the same heat as USA, which was a bit daunting, but fun nonetheless. My hamstring had been heavily tested and tried by the amazing Australian physio team, and I was given the all clear 2 days prior to the heats that I was able to run, which was a relief to say the least! Unfortunately, having a hamstring injury leading into a major championships is obviously not ideal, so I didn't feel mentally or physically as prepared as I would have liked but having the other 3 girls there to support me helped so much.

I was given the task of anchoring the relay team, so as we were led out on to the track for the race, I don't think I've ever been so nervous in all my life! We ended up placing 6th, which unfortunately was not enough to progress to the final. However, we all ran well and our time qualified us for the Olympics! So we were very proud and I'm sure all of the girls learnt so much and had an amazing experience. It will definitely be beneficial next year for the London Olympics having had this chance to learn how to prepare, and race in an event like this.


After returning home, I got back into study and rehab for my hamstring. I took as much time as I needed with the hamstring so as not to have the same issue next year!

I am currently at a training camp in Canberra at the AIS. In Italy, I trained with an Irish 400m runner Jo Cuddihy who is based here in Canberra. So I'm training with her and her training squad for a couple of weeks which is a great honor. Jo actually made it to the semi-final in the 400m at the World Championships and is a great athlete. Some of the sessions that I have been doing are ridiculously hard! But they are a great squad and this will help me so much in the lead up to my first Olympic season.

My first proper race will be in January, and then the Olympic trials are in March. So there isn't long to go now! I think something like 88 days...not that I'm counting.

Anyway that's a brief update for now, as it gets closer to the domestic season I will blog again to update on my training and racing progress.

Hope everyone is well!

A. xx