Hi all, Just letting you know that I found out today I have been selected for the 4x400m team in the World Championships. Wohoo!

The team was announced this morning and it is a little controversial with some of the people they have/haven't selected. Some very deserving people missing out... but nevertheless I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to represent my country at one of the highest levels of athletics. It is really an honor to have someone believe in my potential and this is a great experience leading in to the London Olympics. The other girls in the relay include: Tamsyn Manou (nee. lewis), Lauren Boden, Caitlin Pincott and Caitlin Sargaent. The championships starts on August 27th, not long to go now!

The rest of the team and a little article can be found at:

So my trip is extended by another few weeks as I will be continuing from the World University Games in China, straight to Daegu in South Korea. Very exciting! I better get ready for some very humid weather...

A. xx