Gold in Ghent

Hello hello..

Just a quick note to let you guys in on my recent success! I have won my first European race. 

On Saturday I travelled to a town in Belgium called Ghent and ran a 400m there. It was a very suave track, all the lanes were blue! Unfortunately it was pretty cold and very windy so the conditions weren't great to run in, but there were a few more Australians here to keep me company. 

After 45mins of waiting to run I was pretty nervous, but finally we started and I managed to come first! My time wasn't as fast as last week but still a decent time of 53.84. So overall, I was very happy!

Here is some photos of the race, and me on the podium (courtesy of Dad's good friends from Belgium Phillipe and Pascal who came to support me - thankyou!)

I arrived in London today, for my last training block of 10 days before I head off to China for the World University Games. I'm staying in a town called Teddington which is very close to the 2012 Olympic venues and so far, the weather hasn't been too bad!

Tomorrow we hopefully find out about the World Championships selections, so please cross your fingers for Lachlan Renshaw and Tamsyn Lewis to be selected for the 800m, and the women 4x400m relay team to include me! 

That's about it for now, hope the weather has improved in Sydney and everyone is well!

A. xx