New 400m PB + Verona & Venice

Bonjourno...What a weekend I've had! Verona one day, race the next, and then a detour past Venice on the way back.

On friday I stopped to have lunch and spend a couple of hours exploring the picturesque Verona on the way to the town where I raced. It was the day before my race so not too much walking was on the cards but I definitely got to see the main tourist attractions like the Colosseum style building which was built in (drum roll)....30 AD !! I couldn't fathom just how old it was, and the detail gone into the construction is amazing for that era. I also visited the Casa di Giulietta (Juliette's balcony). It's a small courtyard filled with people yelling towards a balcony covered in vines, the walls on the entrance to the courtyard are covered in people writing love notes and drawing hearts. I really felt a sense of the history and power of Shakespeare's story, it was almost eerie.

Now for the important stuff. My race! I was very very happy with how I went, I came 2nd and ran a personal best of 53.16. For my first race in a while, and first European racing experience I wasn't expecting too much, so to have started with such a good race I am thrilled! Running a pb and placing second definitely makes all the hard training worth it. The conditions were pretty good with little wind and a great track to run on. It only had 6 lanes but was situated in a valley surrounded by mountains with a breathtaking castle right in front of the finish line! I felt really good during the race and finished strongly so hopefully that means only bigger and better things from here on in.

Then on the way back home we made a small detour to Venice. There is too much to describe in one small blog about Venice but getting lost in the small, intricate lane-ways that dead-end into water, surrounded by beautiful old buildings was remarkable. The only down side....very expensive coffee! You pay a little bit for the drink, and a lot for the view.

So all in all I had a very successful weekend! Very much looking forward to my next 400m which is this weekend in Ghent in Belgium. Here are some of the photos I took this weekend.

A. xx