Europe Adventure

Hello everyone! It's blog writing time again, which means I'm traveling somewhere around the world. This time I'm lucky enough to be heading off to Italy, Holland, China and (hopefully) South Korea. Currently I'm sitting in Hong Kong airport, waiting for my transfer flight to Italy. I have a short stop over of 7 hours!

I'll be spending most of my time in a town just outside of Milan called Givante, in Varese. It sounds like a beautiful place. I've heard many stories about the fog-covered lakes, and streets filled with old Italian history. The thing that got me the most interested was the fact that it is the only town in the world to be 100% sustainable and 100% organic! I can only imagine what the fruit and veg will taste like, not to mention the coffee!!

So I will be in this 'green' town for the best part of a month to train at the Australian Institute of Sport's training base. It acts a bit like a home away from home for athletes from all sports, and they provide meals, training facilities and physio among other useful things. I'm really looking forward to getting some good hard work done in the summer weather, it's been freezing training in Sydney over the last couple of weeks.

I have a 400m race in Italy on the 23rd of July, in a town called Pergine. This will be my first real 'European' race so I'm looking forward to that! I then head off to Holland for the Dutch Nationals, where I will also run a few 400 mtrs.

Then my itinerary takes me to China for the big races in mid-August. This is the World University Games in Shenzhen. It is the second biggest sporting competition after the Olympics as it incorporates all Olympics sports, at a senior level. I qualified for this event at the Australian Nationals this year and am hoping to do really well! Depending on my results throughout Europe and China I then might be selected in the 4x400m team to go to the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea. So fingers crossed!

I've heard the shopping is really good in Shenzhen, and everyone knows Milan is renowned for its retail goodness, and I'm already pushing the weight limit on my suitcase so I might need to send a crate back full of my European knick knacks!

Once I settle into Italy I will post some photos of the local area and give an update on the coffee experiences.

Lots of Love,