End of the Championships...

Hi! I'm currently sitting in the airpot at Philadelphia waiting to get my transfer flight to Boston, and then over to New York! So I thought I'd write about the last few days of the Championships. The last day of competition was yesterday and the Australian Spark team has done really well over the past week, there has been some really great performances! We had our discus thrower, Julian Wruck, win a bronze medal and had two 110m men hurdles finalists! Overall we had 10 top 8 performances, 1 medal, and about 14 hamstring injuries !

Once we finish competing it's our job to be the team support crew. So we spent lots of time sitting out in the stadium cheering on the other athletes in our team. Dad, Mum and Tash had lots of fun sitting with the other Australian families, I think Tash lost her voice on numerous occasions yelling 'Aussie Aussie Aussie, OI OI OI!' They brought out a blow up boxing kangaroo which was attracting a lot of attention from the other countries. Everyone loves Skippy!

I ran the semi-final on Wednesday and had a bit of a tough race. The girls from Nigeria and America were running really well, so I got knocked out in this round. I came 5th in the end, I didn't do such a good time (54.39) but I'm now ranked 15th in the world in juniors! Competing was an amazing experience and something I'll never forget, things like walking out into the stadium for the first time and running in the green and gold uniform! I can't wait to get straight back into training and get stronger so I can give myself the best shot at making another international team.

Overall the trip has been a huge success! I'll make sure I post some of the photos I took while over here and I'm also going to write a summary blog of my time away.

Thank-you so much for following my journey so far and I'm trying my best to reply to all of your lovely support messages.

Thanks again!

A. xx