Through to the Semi-final!!

Hi! Good news! Just finished my heat this morning and I'm through to the next round!

I had a bit of a scare with my back in the last 48 hours because we've had dodgy beds so I woke up the other morning and couldn't walk! But i've had intensive treatment around the clock from our brilliant physios and doctors. I was pretty nervous last night and this morning, but felt really excited to run at the same time.

Today went really smoothly, woke up and had breakfast nice and early so I'd be fully awake by the time I had to warm up. It's pretty cool here they have a warm-up track that's 200m, and an indoor track that people are using to warm up as well PLUS the huge main stadium.

It is insane running out there, I walked out into the stadium after being in the call room for 25 mins and there was so many people in the crowd, cameras and officials...

I draw lane 7, and was in the 3rd heat...and also had the quickest girl inside me..she runs 51.23 !! But first 4 went through to the semi and next 4 fastest. Luckily I came 4th and am now through to run tomorrow morning in the semi-final. I think i qualified 11th fastest, so with a good time I might be in a good spot to get in the final (fingers crossed!)

Didn't do the best time today but that's understandable for a heat, which is my first run in a while, and with my back problem. I'm looking forward to a good one tomorrow, and hopefully pull out a decent PB!

Hopefully come back tomorrow with some more good news! It's been really hot here so we are desperately trying to keep hydrated but apart from that everyone is going well too. Here is an article on the first proper day of competition:

Thanks for everyone's lovely messages and support!

A. xx