Landed in Moncton

Hi guys! Just arrived in Moncton late last night, had a long few hours waiting at the aiport but feeling pretty good today! We've had a walk around the Universite de Moncton, and marked our Australian territory. We're staying with Ireland, Italy, America, France and Germany which is pretty exciting!

The track is really cool! The stadium and everything is brand new and they have flags up and at the moment they are setting up for the opening ceremony. We've had a pep talk from our managers about staying focussed, because everything is so exciting and it's so easy to get caught up in the moment we need to stay grounded and remember that we're here to compete. It's a bit intimidating to walk around and see all the other athletes but our team is always walking around in a pack, and our uniforms stand out so much! They have 3 tracks at the 1 Uni though, that's pretty insane. I'll try and upload a few photos of the uni and tracks around the place. We've got our Australian flag set up in our room which is a bit motivating.

The food in Vancouver wasn't that good but it seems like everything here is healthy and fresh, finally! They've also got security set up around the whole campus, there is people standing on top of the buildings keeping guard!!

I'm off to have lunch and then go to a track a few blocks away to go training. I think there is 5 days until my heat so i'm getting a bit geared up!

Speak soon!

A. xx