Hello all the members of the A-Team!! Just a quick note to say I've landed safely and the flight was good! Didn't really sleep on the plane and had swollen ankles when I came off though. We are currently staying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, the weather is AMAZING. It's 27 degrees and sunny, there is a slight cool breeze too. We've seen a moose and a squirrel walk past which was pretty cool!

The rooms are smallish but not too here is horrible. I tried starbucks and couldn't finish it, and had another one from a coffee shop to try and keep me awake yesterday but didn't like it either.

I'm running a 400m tonight at the Kajaks International Track Classic against a few kiwis and I think China which should be fun. It'll be interesting to see how everyone goes after a massive 48 hours and battling against jet lag!

Keep track of the team and results here:

Here is a photo of some of the team having lunch outside the Uni...

Speak soon!

A. xx