Here's an interview I did for the Athletics NSW website....enjoy reading! ANSW: At the 2006 Australian All Schools, you clocked an excellent time of 56.11 to win the championships. Then for three years we heard little from you. Suddenly in January 2010, you re-emerged and ran the following series of times: 55.0, 55.35, 55.21, 54.15, 53.90, 53.88, 54.92, 55.04, 54.8 and 55.26. During this time, were you running? What was happening? Anneliese: Yes that whole time I was still training and doing a bit of competing here and there, but nothing too serious. I think a lot of girls go through a similar stage when they start going out on the weekends and enjoying that more than racing. I was beginning to think of running as more of a burden instead of something I chose and wanted to do. But I’m so glad I persevered and came out the other side on top. For anyone else who’s at that stage …keep running! (Or throwing, jumping, walking etc…) You never know, you could be in the next World Juniors team!

ANSW: How did you keep motivated? Anneliese: I owe 99 per cent of the motivation to my family and coach. They got me to the training sessions I didn’t want to go to, and helped me to believe in myself. The other one per cent came from remembering the feeling I had after winning the 2006 nationals, and wanting to have that again.

ANSW: Did you still have goals to represent Australia? Anneliese: Looking back at it, I’m not really sure what my goals were…That was probably one of my problems, I had no short term, realistic goals … until I found out about the 2010 World Juniors team, and I guess that gave me a horizon to work towards.

ANSW: What a tremendous 2010 season. Did you think you could run those times? Anneliese: It was and still is a pretty big year for me! I had absolutely no idea I could run sub-54 at the beginning of the season, I was just focusing on getting the World Junior qualifying time of 54.80…but to be a whole second under that was incredible.

ANSW: In your last run of the season you dabbled at 800m, running a comfortable 2:10 and indicating you could have qualified for the World Juniors. Is the 800m a future goal? Anneliese: I think to run a good 400m you need to have the speed of a 200m runner and the endurance of an 800m runner. So I’ll definitely run more 8s in the future and making the step up is an option, but for now I’m more than happy running 4s.

ANSW: What are your hobbies and interests away from the track? Anneliese: I used to do a lot of dance, and really liked it but I don’t have enough time or spare energy to keep that up at the moment. But I enjoy reading a good book and listening to music. I’m also studying at Sydney University and loving uni life!

ANSW: What got you involved in track and field and what keeps you running? Anneliese: I started Nippers at North Narrabeen beach when I was 7 and used to beat all the boys in beach sprints and flags, then I saw an ad on TV for Little As and told my parents I wanted to go to that. I love the character building aspects of being an athlete; you have to be committed, determined, motivated and mentally tough. I also love racing and the emotions attached to it. That’s probably what keeps me running.

ANSW: What are the goals for the World Juniors? Anneliese: My goals are to take each race as it comes… if all things go well, I’d love to run a PB, and make the final. To get a podium finish would be amazing too! I want to make the most out of the whole experience and take in as much as I can throughout the trip, meet new people from different countries and have fun!

ANSW: Goals past World Juniors? Anneliese: The goal is to be running at a level that would have me considered for senior international teams over the next few years. There’s also a few Australian 400m records that haven’t been broken for a while…

David Tarbotton and Ron Bendall for Athletics NSW Image Anneliese Rubie (image courtesy of David Tarbotton)

Statistics – Anneliese Rubie

400 m, 12 best results 53.88 Sydney 13 Mar 2010 53.90 Sydney 11 Mar 2010 54.15 Sydney 20 Feb 2010 54.92 Gold Coast 5 Jun 2010 54.8h Newcastle 12 Jun 2010 55.04 Gold Coast 6 Jun 2010 55.21 Newcastle 6 Feb 2010 55.26 Sydney 20 Jun 2010 55.35 Sydney 30 Jan 2010 55.0h Sydney 13 Jan 2010 56.11 Sydney 9 Dec 2006 56.97 Sydney 11 Nov 2006

400m Progression 2005 57.80 2006 56.11 2007 56.87 2008 2009 57.56 2010 53.88

Personal bests 200m 24.43 (2010) 400m 53.88 (2010) 800m 2:10.39 (2010)