Getting closer....

Hey! Brisbane was so much fun! I met the whole team and everyone gets along really well. There are some amazing athletes coming to Canada, one guy for example broke the 110m Hurdle Australian Junior record 3 times over the weekend!

The weekend started off on a great note with our flight being delayed by 2 hours in the morning....but eventually we got on the plane and were on our way! When we arrived we met up with a few of the other team members and made our way to the hotel we were staying in. We had lunch and had our first official team meeting. There's 36 people coming all up (originally 38 but two people have recently acquired injuries unfortunately).

So we had lots of 'educational talks' and info sessions where speakers came to talk to us about traveling overseas and competing. We have to compete the day after we arrive in Vancouver, which is  going to be tough considering we will have just got off a 14hr flight! So the talks were helpful to open our eyes to jetlag, competition and long flights!

There was organised competition for us on the Saturday and Sunday, because I was still getting over the flu and had a tiny niggle on my leg I didn't compete on the Saturday. I ran as part of our 4x400m relay team on the Sunday which was a bit of fun. I ran 2nd and they timed me as running a 53.66 (which, handtimed, works out to be about a 53.8, which is a equal pb!) That gave me confidence because I was still sick, so once i'm all healthy again i think i'll be in tip top form!

Overall it was a very tiring weekend but we had a ball! I'm really looking forward to getting to the airport on the 8th of July and heading off to Canada!

7 days to go now......and 18 days till my 400m heat! Can't wait!

Thanks for keeping in touch!