Pre-departure Camp!

Hey everyone, I've been really busy with uni exams and extra training sessions at the moment so I haven't been able to write a blog but here is an update on the last few weeks.

I just finished my exams for uni which is perfect timing to be able to focus completely on Moncton now...but unfortunately I've come down with a bit of the cold/flu. A few people in the family have been sick so I was trying very hard to avoid it! I'm getting better every day and will be good to compete this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I am off to QLD again for the Australian team's pre-departure camp in Brisbane. Depending on how I feel on Saturday, I should be doing another 400m and then a 400m relay, and 200m and on the Sunday. It will be great to meet the whole team and spend some time getting to know each other and I'm looking forward to getting my Australia uniform!!!