2 states, 2 races, 2 days...

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you know how I went up in QLD. It was a very nice weekend, with temperatures up to about 24 degrees and the sun shining, that was a good change to Sydney's torrential rain....

I ran in a 400m on Saturday and Sunday against Pirenee Steinart and Olivia Tauro, amongst others, (they're currently ranked 3rd and 6th in Australia)...considering I had woken up at 5.30am for a morning flight, I think I ran okay. My times weren't great, but neither were the other girls. I got a bit excited in the first race and went out a bit hard so I didn't finish that well, but Sunday I was rested, well fed and ready to run again! There was a really strong headwind down the back straight so I took the first half out a bit slower and finished strongly! Ended up finishing closely behind the girls in a 54.8 on the saturday, and 55.0 on the sunday.

No one ran very quick times, but for a first race back I was pretty pleased!

After each race I jumped in an ice bath for 3mins that was averaging at 8 degrees! Not fun!!! But definitely helped my legs to recover.

I stayed with family up in the bushes of the Gold Coast - their house is sooo pretty! I felt like I was in a tree house! Very, very grateful for their amazing hospitality and generosity. I don't think I've had a better sleep, gazing out the windows into the bush and seeing the stars!

Looking forward to improving my times with each race now as the countdown begins!!! 42 days until my World Junior 400m heat!

My love to everyone, hope you are well.

A xx