Balmoral Burn

Hey everyone, Just thought I'd set up a blog for anyone who wants to follow my progress towards the World Junior Championships in July. I'll post results and footage of any races I do to keep everyone up to date!

Today I ran the Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn - which is a 420 metre hill on Awaba Street, Balmoral. It is a killer!!!! I ran it last year for fun and forgot just how steep it really is.

I ran in the Elite Women's Invitational Event or the 'Queen of the Hill' against a few of Australia's best distance athletes. I ended up winning the race in 1min and 44 seconds, which is apparently a new race record, and i was given $3000 in prize money! This is going to help a lot towards the expenses for my trip in July.

-That's a photo of me and my training partner, Lachlan Renshaw, who won the Men's Elite Invitational 'King of the Hill'.

The event is getting pretty big which is nice to see so many people supporting such a good charity. Tony Abott and David Koche were a few personalites there for Humpty Dumpty. Koche did the wheelchair event, which is so inspirational! I thought it was tough running, but that is on a whole new level.

Here is a link to the last 100 metres or so of the race:

I've got two races coming up in QLD next weekend against some of Australia's top female athletes, Tamsyn Lewis, Jody Henry and Pirenee Steinart. They are all off to Delhi for the 4x400m relay team in the Commonwealth Games so it should be a pretty competitive race. Perfect practice before I go to Canada!

I'll let you know how I go up in the Gold Coast, hopefully it should work out well!